Fun and frolics in Berlin

As I mentioned last week in a previous blog post I spent the weekend just gone in Berlin for a Samsung event. I met some such lovely bloggers from Spain, France, Germany, London and Italy!

I am going to do a fully post, but I thought I would share with you some of the fun we had.. it was a fun but exhausting weekend (my bed is calling me as I am typing this!!)

When we arrived this is what Berlin looked like (SNOW SNOW SNOW!!)

I did dress for the occasion as you can see..

In the day we had challenges for the bloggers and toured all over Berlin (blog post to follow)

We then partied the night away at Puro Sky Lounge after a very exhausting day..

This was the view from the club (just amazing!!)

It certainly was a weekend I won’t forget!!!



Samsung have just launched this ridiculous exciting campaign, Life’s a Photo, take it!

It is a unique competition to find the world’s most photogenic city. 4 influential Instagrammers from 8 different cities around the world use the Samsung camera to promote their cities. Each week they’re set a mission covering the camera modes, with two images submitted to the site. The city with most shares on their photos wins.

Check out the stunning Life’s a Photo site here

It has only just launched and the hash tag – #lifesaphoto has had over 330k shares already!!

Check out the stunning photography