I say NO to chipped nails!

I LOVE painting my nails, it is a thing I do every Sunday night in bed!! I find my nail varnish tends to start chipping the following day which is no good.

I receive the Glossy Box every month, and sometimes they are amazing sometimes not, but last month I got some Kensington Caviar Top Coat Nail Polish. So I decided to try it out..


It is amazing.. I used it as a second coat and my nails have not chipped all week. I am seriously amazed by this (I realise I have said amazing quite a lot.. so I am going to stop!!)

I read a little bit more about the product, this Kensington Caviar gives your nails wet look shine whilst nourishing the nails with added caviar extract. As if that wasn’t enough, this incredible top coat is touch dry in just 45 seconds making it perfect for fast, professional manicures at home.

I would normally post pics of my nails, but I don’t have very nice hands. So I am going to post my top 3 fav nail varnish colours..

Number 1 from Nails Inc – Warwick way polish


Number 2 from Topshop – Nails in hope floats


Number 3 from Model Own – Bubblegum


What colour nail varnish do you wear?



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