Cocktails Galore

Last night I had such a lovely evening with Ellie and Vicki from Next!

We first headed to Sketch, but there were know tables there.. but we didn’t let that stop us finding somewhere else to have some much needed cocktails… so we headed to Aqua!

Aqua is literally a 2 minute walk from Oxford Circus, it is one of those places where you definitely feel quite special when walking through the entrance (I did feel special hehe!)

We sat in a really cute booth and sipped on some delicious cocktails. As soon as we looked at the cocktail menu, we wanted them all! The first round I think I chose the best, the second round I definitely chose the worst.. it just wasn’t to my taste – basil in a cocktail, but it was still yummy just not as good as my first cocktail which had honey liqueur, pear, apple, and vodka (it was amazing)

Some pretty looking cocktails…

What is your favourite cocktail bar?


2 thoughts on “Cocktails Galore

    • Yes do go there babe, it is amazing!! ah love the blog post babe, my BF lives literally 5 mins from there, so we are in there a lot.. hehe they do the best cocktails, it is great when it is 241 as well!! Lots of love darl x

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