Mel Kirk’s blogger advice

My colleague Mel Kirk (I have mentioned her maybe a few too many times on my blog!!) did a fantastic talk the other day on ‘How to grow your blog’s audience’. Being a blogger herself at Randommel she certainly knows her stuff!!

I have been working with bloggers now for over a year, but when I started my own blog a few months a go, I have to be honest I was pretty lost… so when Mel gave this talk, it really did help me and it taught me a lot about how to develope and grow your blog, because to me that is what it is all about – growing as a blogger and making it personal and unique to yourself.

So here are a few of the tips Mel mentioned in her talk:

Your now blogging – your readership is growing, be aware that you are not just writing for yourself, you are writing for other people as well.

Make friends – talk to other bloggers.

Stick to your passions – write about what you love.

A geeky one – tag your posts, a post should be no longer than 250 words (apart from this post!), make the title of your post smart.

Invite other bloggers to guest post on your blog.

Measure everything – interactions, comments, traffic.

Make sure your readers feel good – talk to them, interact with them.

Check out Mel’s amazing presentation (I warn you there are lots of cats) here…Do you have any blogging tips to share with me?

*Glitter Kisses*


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