Next Christmas Press Day

Last week, I attended the Next Christmas Press Day for work… Yes it may seem a little early, but to be honest I love a bit of the Christmas spirit in Summer (why not!)

I have to say the shoe collection was to die for.. studs, glitter and floral, my three favorite things!

At the moment I am loving floral blazers and one just happen to pop up, and I totally fell in love with it.

There was also a fashion show, which featured some extremely beautiful men. I have to say the women’s dresses were stunning and fitted to perfection.

I also HAVE to mention how cute the kids looked, modelling Next’s children’s range.

To top the event off the coffee that was served was honestly delicious, I actually had 4 cups! The canapes were amazing: mini yogurts and granola, Eggs Benedict. Later on in the day we were served sushi, chicken skewers and lovely mini bowls of salads!

I just want it to be Christmas now..



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